The Hampsey family originates from Derry in Ireland.


At the turn of the last Century, a group of Hampseys moved south of Derry, North of Stewartstown, to Cookstown. These became known as the "Cookstown" Hampseys.

The 'Cookstown' Hampseys are cousins of the "Stewartstown" Hampseys, who have been in this part of County Tyrone since the early 1800's - before the Potato Famine.

All Hampseys, scattered throughout the world because of the Famine, can trace their ancestry to this part of Ireland.

The Hampsey family grave is situated in Magilligan, in St. Aidan's churchyard. This is where Denis O'Hampsey, his wife and daughter are buried.
Garvah is the birthplace of Denis O'Hampsey